Contract Development
and Manufacturing

Manufacturing plant

Our manufacturing plant located in Starogard Gdański – 47 km from international airport in Gdańsk - is a FDA approved multipurpose facility for API and intermediates production with a total capacity exceeding 350 m3.

Polpharma is the largest Polish manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Our substances are available in over 60 countries on six continents.

With reactor volume from 150 L to 6 000L in 6 interconnected buildings, operating in ranges from -50°C to +200 °C pressure up to 10 bar, and highly automated units for reaction parameters monitoring and control, we are being positioned among top European API CMOs. Polpharma can accommodate a broad range of chemical processes to support customers in contract development and contract manufacturing projects.

Segregated clean areas with different type of equipment for isolation (nutch filters, centrigues) and drying (filter driers, tray driers, vacuum driers). Milling and micronization to adapt particle size distribution to required customer needs.

Chemical synthesis Area

Glass lined Crystallizer.

Discharging product in clean area.